Local gospel singer Bunmi Praise dreamt about a new song, and it is now her latest single called 'Forever.'

Olubunmi Oduntan goes by her stage name Bunmi Praise when she's singing. Her latest single, 'Forever,' was released on November 7 and it already has over 10,000 YouTube views. 

"We serve a living God and He is forever. Before the earth was formed, He has been there. Even now He's still there. Even when there isn't anything called Earth, He will still be there. In all our troubles, in all our trials, everything we go through, God is there."

While she has been singing for most of her life, Bunmi released her first single to the public in 2019.

"I did not write this song. It came as an inspiration and I woke up singing that song. I found myself at a concert, singing in a dream and I woke up singing that song."

After Bunmi was awake, she quickly wrote it all down so as not to forget it. 

"Last year I went through something. It was so shaky I almost lost my faith. But one thing I realized was that God was actually there with me. That trial and valley I went through brought so many things into my life."

 She is hosting a virtual event on December 19 called Praise Explosion.

"It's going to be a gathering of people worshipping God. People from different races, different cultures, coming together to worship God."

Local Christian hip-hop artist, Messanjah, will also be performing at this event.