Agape Table has seen its guests grow since the pandemic started, and this Easter they'll be handing out more meals than usual.

"We're giving back to the community like we always do, but today is our Easter meal. We've combined forces again with Diversity Foods and making ham, potatoes, cooked vegetables, dessert and a drink," says Dave Feniuk, the General Manager at Agape Table. 

Instead of sitting down at the centre, people will line up six feet apart to pick-up their containers.

"They come to the door, they're greeted with a warm smile and a hearty hello, handed a to-go package and asked to move on."

Agape Table is making around 600 containers of food this year. 

"Before COVID we would say between 400-500 meals, but since COVID hit, our numbers have grown substantially by approximately 40 per cent."

With all the protocols and cleaning guidelines, the staff have been working hard the past few weeks preparing for the Easter meal. 

"For a lot of people, Easter is a new sign. For our guests, it's a symbol that they made it through another harsh winter, and better weather is coming. For some, it's a religious holiday and they treat it as such, but it's a sense of renewal for a lot of people."

Before the pandemic hit, Agape would welcome people inside for the Easter meal, which was served by Winnipeg dignitaries.

"They would give them a day where their self-respect and dignity are returned to everybody. Treating them as people as opposed to looking them as a visibly marginalized community," says Fenuik.