Public Health is recommending people hold off on graduation plans until August or September to have "a better celebration" with more people.

The day most teenagers look forward is looming closer for some graduates, but celebrations are further off. Many families may be waiting for restrictions are set to loosen with July 1 vaccination targets but Manitoba's Deputy Chief Public Health Officer is recommending holding off longer for the time being.

"I understand it's challenging. I understand it's a time of celebration and there's a lot of individuals who worked really hard and this is at one time to celebrate. If you can delay that celebration I would delay that celebration. Have a better celebration in August or September than having it right now if you can do that."

The province's 4-3-2 One Great Summer plan says by July 1 there can be gatherings but does not say what those limits will be.

"The gathering sizes are what they are right now. It is a group of five, not more than two different households on your private (outdoor) residences," Atwal says.

The doctor is asking people to celebrate in other ways, such as parades, lawn signs, and virtual events.