Bike Week Winnipeg is gearing up for its fourth annual Bike Week and tenth annual Bike to Work Day, but they want to make it even better!

After starting as just a single day geared towards commuters who biked to work, Bike Week Winnipeg has expanded to be a week-long event that focuses on anybody who rides a bike. "We're trying to engage that larger audience of Winnipeggers," Dave Elmore, the Project Manager for Bike Week Winnipeg explains. The week finishes with Bike to Work Day, which includes pit stops around the city where people can stop and a snack or some other items on their way to work.

Bike Week Winnipeg is looking to reach out to the public and ask what their ideas are. "We're planning to do some strategic planning to plot the direction of Bike Week as we move forward," Elmore says. "It is getting to be a big event and it's getting to be a lot of different activities and needs, so what we're looking for is people's input." It's very easy to fill out this survey, Elmore says, by heading to their website and filling it out.

"We need to get more activity and riding a bike is just a lot of fun," Elmore says about why people should get out on their bike. "I've been a full-time [cycling] commuter for 30-years now . . . I like to ride my bike any chance I get."