Christian artist Brandon Lake is releasing his most vulnerable single to date titled 'HELP!'

In the USA, May is Mental Health Awareness month. Lake purposefully released this new single at this time to draw more awareness to the effects of mental health. 

Lake says this song is "the truest and realist song of this past season for me. I pray that so many people who don’t even know who God is would hear this song and it would encourage them to cry out for help."

Lake shares that he had a panic attack right before a writing session roughly a year and a half ago, which inspired the song. 

"This is the song that gave birth to the whole record," says Lake on social media in a video. "This song has been the cry of my heart when it comes to anxiety, feelings of depression, panic attacks."

Instead of backing off, Lake pressed into the songwriting that day and shared his heart with Jacob Sutter. Out came the song 'HELP!'

"All of a sudden it was like, that was the God assignment for that day. It was an appointed moment we were supposed to have."