The first recipients of the Brewed with Gratitude joyfully received a coffee break at one of the Personal Care Homes in Winnipeg. 

"To all staff of CHVN Radio on behalf of West Park Manor PCH, we would like to extend our thanks for choosing one of our staff Susan Walls that has been nominated on this contest," says staff at the Manor.  

Two members from CHVN radio dropped off the first coffee break on Tuesday, January 19, as a way to thank the frontline workers who've selflessly given their time and energy to others during the pandemic. 

By nominating a favourite front line worker for Brewed with Gratitude, they could receive a coffee break on CHVN and sponsors.

Jim Walls nominated his wife, Susan, who works at West Park Manor. 

"She goes to work every day and doesn't miss her time. Whenever she has some spare moments after giving care (which doesn’t happen often because she spends time talking and listening to resident concerns) she has started doing activities with them," says Jim.

Susan has worked at a personal care home since 1992. Jim says Susan refers to her work as "her passion and mission rather than a job."

CHVN staff brought in the coffee break following all guidelines and protocols with the lockdown, in a contactless drop-off.

"We truly appreciate your kind gestures towards our front liners," says the staff at West Park Manor.