A Canadian gospel jazz/R&B artist is sharing her talents with the world.

Fiyin Obayan was born in Nigeria and moved to Saskatchewan when she was five years old. Her first single, 'Love Gives Me Wings to Fly' was released on February 28, 2024.

"I have been songwriting since I was nine," says Obayan. "Performing at church and jazz festivals. This is my first single I've released on Spotify. This song is about journeying through the concept of forgiveness."

Obayan takes her inspiration for the song from Christian author John Bevere and his book The Bait of Satan.

"A lot of my songs tend to be almost like David where you're just wrestling with God and you're asking those questions. It's kind of that real honest journey."

Obayan continues to perform at many local events in Saskatoon. She hopes to continue writing and releasing gospel jazz throughout the year. 

Listen to Obayan's new single below.