Seven-time Grammy winner Carrie Underwood is excited to be releasing her first Christian gospel album, My Savior, right before Easter.

While Underwood has never shied away from her faith as her first hit single as an artist was 'Jesus Take the Wheel', this is her first full Christian album. 

"Everybody's lives were changed and affected over the past year. Normally we're just go, go, go, so busy. I just felt so fortunate throughout that entire time, I just got to go into the studio and sing these songs that are so hopeful," Underwood says on the Today Show interview. 

The album has 13 songs, 12 of which are traditional gospel hymns that have been remade and one instrumental version of 'Jesus Loves Me'. 

"[This album] is something I've always wanted to do. I grew up on this music. It's such a pillar of who I am as a person but also as an artist."

She says that going to church was a positive experience for her growing up, and they truly supported her. 

"I feel like when you do have something higher to look to, you have hope so that even in the worst of times, you have something to cling on to."

The country artist says she feels blessed to still be surrounded by people of faith. 

Underwood will be performing a special live virtual concert on Easter Sunday, celebrating her faith, the holiday, and the new album.