The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is releasing more details regarding unrequested seeds being shipped to Canadians.

The agency is sharing that they believe there is a "low risk" for Canadians who have received seeds from unknown sources but are still requesting gardeners not to plant them.

On July 28, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) released a statement, saying that Canadians have been receiving unrequested seeds in the mail.

Over 750 people have since reported receiving the seeds across each of the provinces, but none have been reported in the territories.

CFIA says many of the recipients have ordered seeds in the past.

After collecting many seed packages from Canadians, CFIA is sharing that there is a low risk to Canadians who have received them.

The seeds found include:

  • tomatoes
  • strawberries
  • roses
  • citruses
  • weeds (including shepherd's purse and flixweed)

While believed to be a low risk, CFIA is asking people to refrain from planting, composting, or flushing the seeds.

"Canadians are being cautioned to not plant these seeds from unknown origins," CFIA says in a statement. "It remains unclear why some Canadians are receiving the seeds."

CFIA says that they are exploring all possible origins of the packages. They say it is difficult to identify the packaged when they arrive in Canad, as they come from many different countries are often labelled as being toys or jewelry.

"The CFIA is considering all options, including the possibility that an e-commerce business is trying to boost online sales by sending unrequested products to customers and posting fake positive reviews, also known as 'brushing."

Those who have received seeds are asked to contact CFIA.