A film starring Dennis Quaid has won the 'Christian Oscar' award for Most Inspiring Film. 

The Movieguide Awards’ 30th annual show aired this past Sunday and awarded the film Blue Miracle with the Epiphany Award. Movieguide seeks to honour the best family-friendly movies and TV shows through this awards show. 

Blue Miracle is based on the true story of Casa Hogar in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The struggling orphanage needs a miracle to keep them from shutting down and they find it by entering a big fishing contest. The washed-up and grouchy sea captain played by Quaid has to rely on orphans who don't know what they're doing in order to pull this trophy off. 

"The main theme of the movie to me is found in Scripture, where it says true religion is those who take care of widows and orphans," says Trey Reynolds, the movie's producer and VP of Provident Films. "It’s kind of a modern-day story of how God’s heart is close to orphans and the most vulnerable in our society. It was a beautiful story of how God intervened and turned a really bad situation into something good."

After being released on Netflix in May 2021, it quickly became the second most-streamed movie in the world according to FlixPatrol.com.

"I’m so encouraged that movies infused with strong biblical content continue to make waves in theaters and on streaming," says Movieguide Founder and Publisher Dr. Ted Baehr.

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