A local singer is returning to the stage to honour the birth of Jesus.

Chad Celaire runs a tandem bicycle rental in Winnipeg called Bee2gether Bikes. However, when December hits, he is also known as The Christmas Singer. 

"It's like it's a five-year anniversary show," says Celaire. "Five years ago I got permission from a company in France to use their backing tracks to do a Christmas concert."

Celaire has performed roughly 70 shows in his five-year Christmas singing career. This includes playing at concert venues, senior care homes, and private home shows. 

"Last year I wasn't able to do it, and it was very disheartening. When I got an opportunity to do it this season my excitement must have come through on the phone, because I was like 'yes, yes! Please sign me up!' I bring a lot of energy when I perform and I love to use the gift of music to bless people."

How it Began

"I lost a friend to cancer. In a way to help the guy's wife cope with the loss, we went over to her house and started to listen to some of the music he loved to listen to. I thought it would be cool to make a tribute album for everybody who knew Corey," says Celaire. 

Corey Henderson was a Christian Winnipeg Fire Fighter, as well as a zookeeper, and teacher that worked with disadvantaged kids. 

"We had to have overflow seating at his funeral because he was such an amazing man. I got to perform an outdoor concert at a celebration of Life BBQ for Corey."

From here, Celaire shared with his wife a passion for Christmas music and that perhaps he would record a Christmas album or hold a Christmas concert. 

"We made these invitations and put them in people's mailboxes. It was a packed house and it was amazing the experience that all who came had. From there, I said, I'm going to do this."

Since then, Celaire has been known as The Christmas Singer, sharing his passion with the public.

What Christmas Means to Him

"My family is very family-oriented," says Celaire. He and his wife have two children, a son and a daughter. "I left youth ministries when we had our son, and I did that because I wanted to give my all to my family. It can be done but for myself, I felt that this was what is right."

Christmas is more than just one occasion for the Celaires.

"Christmas to me is something that we have almost every day in our house. We spend a lot of time with our family and we try to bring God into everything we do. Jesus is the main reason for it, He's the glue."

Celaire shares that Christmas is icing on the cake, and many people are more open to hearing about Jesus during this season. 

"I feel right at home during this month."

Two favourite holiday tunes Celaire performs are 'The Christmas Song' and 'Silent Night.' Celaire will be performing a Christmas concert with a live band on December 23 at 7:00 pm at The Park Theatre. Tickets must be purchased in advance, and people interested can do so by clicking here