A float adorned with decorations and blasting Christmas music is making its way at random around Winnipeg.

Cory Bossuyt keeps the Knights of Columbus's Christmas Parade float safely stored at his Oak Bluff farm. He was disappointed that the float did not get any use this holiday season, as the parade had been cancelled.

"We thought 'geez. What are we going to do?' With our current situation, there is not much we could do," Bossuyt says.

Instead of letting it collect dust, Bossuyt got to work.

"Why don't I throw a few of those things on this little trailer here and just drive it around. So I started talking to some of the other members of the Knights of Columbus and of course, then the wheels start turning. The project just kept getting bigger and bigger and here we are! We have got Christmas on wheels."

In the centre of the float is a nativity scene, the main display on the float surrounding the scene are four Christmas trees, and two concert speakers to "blast out music" as they drive along. The float sits on a  double-wide snowmobile trailer.

The back of the float reads "Keep Christ in Christmas" and on the back as well as the front "a huge thank you to our frontline workers. We can't say enough about them." The sides read Merry Christmas.

Other than hoping to pass personal care homes and hospitals, Bossuyt says when each member takes a turn driving the trailer around it is up to them where they go. There is no plan; drivers go wherever they feel led to drive.

"I am so grateful to all of my brother knights who are helping out to take their turns to drive around. Selfishly, I would like to do it every day but I want everybody to experience it. The guys ask 'what is it like' and I cannot explain it to you. You have to experience it. It truly is the experience of a lifetime."

The group will be continuing to drive their float around into the new year.