The 50-foot Christmas tree outside of City Hall came come together piece by piece, branch by branch, by the hands of three people.

The Christmas spirit came early for three Public Works employees. Public Service Operations Supervisor Derek Resch says since September, they have been using a warehouse to piece together the latest addition to the 50-foot tree.

"It is not 100 per cent complete as of just yet," Resch says. "Having been on site for moments here and there while it was being assembled, you would see a lot of people stopping and just having a look and really smiling, taking a few photos and that. And I think just warming the hearts of people."

The top half of the tree is two years old, first used in 2019 after a vicious Thanksgiving snowstorm tore through Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Since then, the city has decided to continue using the artificial tree. Its height has grown closer to what Resch says they would see with real trees after adding some bottom pieces.

"Once it and the rest of the festive lighting display is lit, and we ask people to come down and bring the family down. Enjoy it and take pride in it as much as we take pride in putting it together and putting it on display for the citizens of the city."

Resch says "it is something that can be enjoyed by anybody."

The roughly 50,000 lights will be lit near the end of November