A local artist and worship pastor says he hopes a brand new song will encourage people facing difficult times.

Bomba released his latest single, 'Come Alive,' on Friday, August 28. He says the inspiration came from difficult experiences.

"A couple of years ago I went through what I call the darkest season of my life, and at that time things felt really, really, bleak, and the words of 'Come Alive' came to me at that point," he says. "The words that I felt like God was speaking to me was 'it won't stay this way forever.'"

The worship pastor of New City Church says he knew he had to get that message into a song.

"I think when you're in a low sometimes it's hard to believe that. But the lyrics are essentially a reminder to myself and everybody else that it won't stay like this forever. It will get better. A time is coming when it won't feel like you're dead on the inside; you will come back to life."

That the song is finally ready and being released in the middle of a pandemic that has a lot of people feeling like they're in the midst of a never-ending hopeless season is not lost on Bomba.

"It looks like COVID will have a huge impact on us not only for this year but possibly next year, but I think it is important for us to remember that this is temporary, and that this will get better."

You can stream the song on all platforms.