Jordan St. Cyr says he's ready to get back to performing in front of a live audience, and he's found a unique way to do it.

St. Cyr has recently enjoyed success not only in Canada but also in the U.S. with his new single 'Fires.' The hit song has seen the Niverville, Man., native appear on Billboard's Christian AC New and Active chart. The chart follows the latest songs to be picked up by radio stations across the U.S. and St. Cyr saw his name on the list for a few weeks surrounded by others such as Austin French, Cochren & Co., and Rebecca St. James.

"It's amazing," St. Cyr says about being from a small town on the Canadian prairies, and yet making it on to such a big chart. 

"Everybody's got to to come from somewhere, and God's given us all a unique purpose and calling, and I guess this is mine." He says that being picked up by radio stations across North America has served as an affirmation that he's following God's plan for his life.

Despite being able to stay busy during the COVID-19 pandemic by co-writing with others over virtual meetings, and doing radio interviews, he says it's time to safely get back in front of people.

"We're trying something new, and shooting for a smaller audience. I'm calling this thing the Backyard Bonfires Tour, playing off the name of the single."

St. Cyr says the tour can be as simple as him, an acoustic guitar, and some of your friends in your backyard around a campfire, or it can be in a larger space, such as a church parking lot, with a full band and lights.

He says it's a good chance to play again, but also to be able to follow health recommendations and regulations. That even includes providing masks for guests as needed.

"We're just excited to come hang out in any way possible," he says. "We're really just going to build around this tight-knit group and backyard vibe."

You can find out more information for the Bonfires Tour at St. Cyr's website.