A Manitoba community is banding together to find a 16-year-old girl who has been missing for over a month.

Tammy Nattaway was last seen on July 20, but her community of Garden Hills has not given up hope. Each day they, along with neighbouring communities, have been searching for the teen girl.

tammy nattawayTammy Nattaway is 5'0 tall, 100 lbs, and has short black hair and brown eyes. 

"I am overwhelmed. I am thankful for them to come to our reservation to look for one of our missing youth. We still do not have any clue and do not know where she is. We are still continuing the search for missing," Mark Barkman, Garden Hill's Director of Operations says.

Searching day and night, Barkman says he sees that the community is growing tired but says they still have hope.

"It has been a month already. It is getting tiring emotionally... I see them at the end of the day and they look tired, but they are still saying they are not going to give up."

Garden Hill, which has a strong Christian community, has been posting prayers and inspiring verses each day in a Facebook group dedicated to updates on Nattaway.

"I am a Christian myself... when I need help I call for our Lord Jesus our Saviour and I still believe that," Barkman says.

Barkman says he is seeing others pray, asking for God's assistance. 

"They are asking the good Lord to comfort us, and help us in coping (during) the search of our missing Tammy Nattaway."

Barkman says that prayers would be appreciated on the behalf of the community as they continue to search.