This year the Awesome Kidmin Conference went online without a hitch, uplifting people in kids ministry. 

Noami Lorenzin is new to the Awesome Kidmin Conference planning team as marketing coordinator. 

"It was so fantastic. A lot of people were really encouraged to start new friendships and feel the connection with other people in kids ministry," says Lorenzin.

The reoccurring comment throughout the interactive sessions was the loneliness people have been feeling from not being able to run kids' ministry in person. 

"It was nice and refreshing for us to come together, even though it was all online."

Writer and speaker Keith Ferrin was the keynote speaker on the weekend. About 135 people attending the conference online. 

"He did an amazing job. He encouraged us to experience the Bible like we would experience and enjoy a bowl of ice cream. He shared how, in a parent and child relationship, there's a time for instruction, and a time for discipline, but there's also a time for play," says Lorenzin.

Instead of only offering one time of connection through the conference per year, the Awesome Kidmin team is offering anyone in kids ministry to reconnect with others through mini-sessions. 

"We're excited and calling them Refuel Sessions. These are live and would be like a webinar-type teaching with a Q & A time at the end. We'll have Keith Ferrin back, along with Melissa Strike, Dan Wesbter, and our very own Cathy Dyck."

Anyone interested in the Refuel Sessions can find details on their website

"We are so blessed to pour into the leaders of today as they pour into the leaders of tomorrow."