How do you set yourself free from the prison of unforgiveness? What is addiction, and how do we overcome it? How can fathers be more empowered and supported?

These and many other topics are explored on shows available on Holy Culture Radio. It may sound like your typical self-help program, but HCR is so much more and runs so much deeper than that. 

Holy Culture Radio offers a wide variety of listening options, including Christian hip-hop and R&P (rhythm and praise), and the station is home to the longest-running Christian hip-hop countdown. HCR listeners will also find uplifting discussions about faith, arts, vocation, and education with legends in the industry.

James Rosseau is the CEO of Holy Culture Radio. He started off in the corporate world before transitioning over to non-profit and eventually to Holy Culture radio.

“It’s an art form that is gaining more recognition,” Rosseau said. “We play over 300 artists that most people don’t know.” He says the artists come from diverse backgrounds — from the inner cities to rural America — and aim to promote the gospel.

Playing “clean” rap and hip-hop and focusing on faith may seem to limit the station to a niche audience, but HCR’s expansion has become hugely successful in a very short time. Just eight months after debuting on satellite radio, HCR has built an audience of over 5 million listeners.

“There has always been a question of whether there is a market for Christian hip-hop music,” added Rosseau. “I believe our 5 million subscribers have shown that the genre has broad viability given the above average listener engagement we’ve seen across our 14 shows and music mixes as we play a wide diversity of Christian hip-hop artists.”

Today on Connections, James shares how he went from corporate to non-profit. He'll also share how he uses radio to share God's message.