A Manitoba musician is disappointed to cancel his 12-concert Christmas tour in Germany.

Danny Plett says the country is seeing a drastic increase in COVID-19 cases and that’s what stopped his shows from going forward as planned.

“We got to the place where we just had to pull the plug and say we can’t do it,” Plett says. The Steinbach singer is a well-beloved performer not only here in Canada but in Germany.

He adds it was a heartbreaking decision but they feel it was the right decision.

Germany has over 1 million people with COVID-19 and the death toll is climbing.

Plett says his team decided they would perform one small show and broadcast it to allow people from all over the world to enjoy the Christmas music they had prepared.

He is looking forward to the end of the pandemic so that he can continue travelling to other countries and perform.


Written by Judy Peters/Michelle Sawatzky