Cyclone Freddy has been playing a game of pinball between Mozambique, Madagascar, and Indonesia, zig-zagging across the Indian Ocean.

It’s on track to become the world’s longest-running tropical cyclone this weekend. The last record-holder was Typhoon John which churned through the Pacific Ocean for 30 days in 1994.

When Cyclone Freddy first hit Mozambique two weeks ago, it displaced 37,000 people. Child Evangelism Fellowship hosts a children’s ministry training institute in Mozambique. 

Lydia Kaiser, CEF spokesperson says, “Area churches and schools are housing displaced families and there’s news of yet another depression forming in the Indian Ocean.”

Cyclone Freddy is on course to strike Mozambique again sometime Friday or Saturday.

Despite the storm, CEF workers are still gathering for children’s ministry training. The sooner they finish, the sooner they can reach more kids in Mozambique with Gospel hope.

Kaiser says, “Child Evangelism Fellowship workers have been able to continue in their 3-month training institute as flood waters threaten to submerge the access road. Eighteen students are being trained, bringing the national staff of CEF to 31 workers who are supported by SPAN, Sponsor-a-National program.

“National workers are fluent in Portuguese, the official language of Mozambique, and they are faithful to the ministry even when hardships like flooding and cholera outbreak happen. The current team of 13 workers disciple an average of 2,500 children a week by going from school to school each day and holding open-air ministry. ”

You can encourage these Christian leaders in Mozambique as they share Jesus with children and support families through hardship. Learn more about CEF’s Sponsor-a-National program.

“The cost to sponsor a national worker translates into only several USA pennies for each child who is taught.”

Also, Kaiser asks, “Please pray for the institute to be able to complete the third and final month of training, and for the people of Mozambique that they will be spared from another violent weather system.”


This story originally appeared at Mission Network News and is republished here with permission.