Christian artist Dan Bremnes is opening up about his struggles with anxiety and the Biblical response that helped him.

'Let That Go' is a song by Dan Bremnes released in 2019 and talks about his struggle.

"The song is really about my struggle with anxiety. Anxiety is sort of a hot topic these days and my definition of anxiety is this. The fear of the future," he says. 

While Bremnes was born in B.C., his musical career has taken him, his wife, and their two children stateside.  

"Anxiety has to do with things that haven't happened yet. When I wrote this song I was going through a number of big changes and I wasn't sure about my future, I was afraid."

He released an acoustic album in July 2020, called Wherever I Go (Acoustic Sessions). Otherwise, Bremnes has been spending more time with his family since the pandemic hit, and renovations on their home.

"I was consumed by this ongoing feeling of not knowing how things are going to work out. There is a phrase in the Bible and it's said over and over, more than any other phrase, I believe. It says this, 'Don't worry'. I've started to take those words to heart."

While there is no confirmation as to the date, Bremnes is hoping to do a Canadian tour in 2021. 

"As I was writing this song I had a revelation that I don't have to hold onto this, you don't have to hold onto your fears and anxieties. You can just let it go. I know that sounds so simple, but try it."

Bremnes says that even trying this method for five minutes could be beneficial. At that point, start to add time. 

"It's all about where we put our focus. I encourage you, in this time that we're in, this unique time in history where the temptation is to worry about the future. This is something you can do, let it go into the hands of the Saviour."