Connect Chiropractic shows us that adjustments to delicate places like our jaws and necks - or even when we're pregnant - are not as intimidating as we may think.

Seasonal pain isn't just in your head

It may not just be a new school year that brings on more headaches. 

Dr. Trevor Clark says," There is a correlation, it seems, between the change in seasons and headaches.

"This time of year, with the change in seasons, we do see an increase in especially tension headaches - or cervicogenic headaches, they're called."

An exam in the office leads to the source of those types of headaches: "We're definitely going to check out that upper cervical area. If there is some spinal dysfunction, that is where those nerves exit the spine and go to the head.

"That may be causing some of those cervicogenic, tension-type headaches," Clark says.

'Crack-free' correction 

When you go in to Connect Chiropractic to discover the cause of your headaches Clark says, "We're going to do an exam and part of that exam is a digital assessment of your nervous system's function.

"Then we may also take x-rays - we have digital x-rays onsite - and we want to see what the alignment is doing in the neck, in particular."

Correction and manual adjustment can seem a little intimidating to some people - especially when it comes to something as delicate as their neck.

Clark says, "A lot of people, I think, are a little hesitant sometimes. We have some lower force techniques where there is no 'cracking' or anything like that. Usually, that is a place where we'll start and then, if the person is more comfortable over time and if they need it, then we can move on to more of a manual adjustment which also shouldn't hurt at all."

'Pain + Dizziness = More Problems'

Living with neck pain changes your life.

Clark says a study in August of 2019 analyzed data from 120 patients with non-specific chronic neck pain. Most of those patients had a much lower quality of life and were more likely to experience disability and have a fear of movement.

"Chiropractic care doesn't specifically treat dizziness, but many times if that upper neck is dysfunctional and feeling 'locked-up'. Well then, many times as we unlock it with these gentler techniques, many patients report those symptoms of dizziness improve."

Chronic pregnancy pain

No surprise here: pregnant women experience pain. Often though, pregnancy keeps women from seeking out remedies to their pain.

Dr. Jane Peterson says, "Pregnant women are a category that we see quite often."

A study in August of this year, says Peterson, took a large sample group of pregnant women and they all said they experienced chronic pain either in their spine or in the form of headaches

"That's something we are able to help pregnant women with a lot of the time by adjusting them and often getting to the root cause of those headaches," says Peterson.

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Gentle techniques for both mom and baby

When expectant mothers come into Peterson's office she says, "We still do an examination on all the patients that come in - pregnant women included.

"Their exam may look a little bit different than the average person because we're really focusing on those specific areas of the pelvis and sacrum."

Comfort is a high priority for Peterson and her patients. In addition to having pregnancy pillows available at every appointment, Peterson says they are very careful with both mom's and baby's bodies.

"We use very low-force techniques, so we're not putting them on their side and really 'cracking' them in any way. It is all very gentle. Everything is very safe for the mom and the baby"