A member of We The Kingdom celebrated their sobriety at a recent concert in Minneapolis. 

Ed Cash took to the stage to share his story with concertgoers saying that on May 10, saying that date holds something special and dear in his heart. 

"I grew up hearing about Jesus in high school," said Cash. "But I ran so far from God I ended up going through five drug treatment centres, dealing dope to support my habit."

He says he was in and out of jail and his life was a total and complete wreck.

"To the glory of God and God alone, May 10 marks 33 years that I've been clean from drugs and alcohol," said Ed. " I'm so very thankful and overwhelmed at His goodness. He straight up pulled me out of the pit."


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The crowd cheered him on as his bandmates brought out a special surprise.

"We just wanted to celebrate what God has done and give glory to God in Ed's life, so we got something for him, a little 33-year birthday cake."

After the cake was brought out the band and crowd joined to sing 'Goodness of God.' 

Fans of We The Kingdom took to social media to react to this special date sharing their own stories of sobriety. 

"Praise God brother!! Be 9 years for me in June. All because of Jesus!!" said one fan. "So proud of you Ed Cash! Been watching you do your sober life and growing with Jesus for most of that time!! Love seeing you now lead thousands of others to the feet of Jesus through your gifts and story of redemption!!" said another.

We The Kingdom is currently on The Church Music Tour with Katy Nichole.