An award-winning UK pop singer's plans for building a private church in England might be illegal. 

Ed Sheeran has been working with local parish authorities to gain approval to have a church in his garden in Suffolk, England. The 28-year-old millionaire wants to use the building as a private venue for weddings and christenings for his friends and family. 

Unfortunately, approval seems more difficult than he anticipated. According to the Daily Mail, if the pop-star moves forward with a private church without first allowing the public access for three years so that he can receive a license, his venue would be illegal. This was the local parish council's ruling. 

Sheeran has requested for the church to have a "sweeping boat-shaped feel with a leaf-shaped roof and a cone rather than spire," the Daily Mail reports. He also would like a 48 ft round tower and multiple stained glass windows. 

The millionaire's planners, Donald Insall Associates, claim the reason behind having a private venue rather than a publically accessible building is to fill a gap needed for Sheeran's family and friends of a place for retreat, meditation, and celebration. 

Sheeran does not want the church to be an attachment to the house just simply in close proximity. His planning agent states because Sheeran has guests and visiting colleagues from around the world with differing faiths, and customs he would like the church to be accessible to them all.  

It is yet to be seen if this project will come to life. The non-denominational "retreat" private church venue is only one piece of the "Sheeranville" puzzle the pop-star is building. He has plans to have an estate with five properties totalling the equivalent of $6.32 million dollars.