Adult film actor Ruben Andre Garcia has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for his role in trafficking young women into pornography against their will in California.

Garcia worked for GirlsDoPorn, a sister company and well-known partner channel of Pornhub under MindGeek, which runs its base out of Montreal, QC. 

According to The Mercury News based out of California, Garcia, 31, was sentenced for conspiracy and sex trafficking involving San Diego-based website GirlsDoPorn.

"They created their videos by luring young women, with promises of (fully clothed) modelling opportunities, and then coercing them into shooting porn," says Exodus Cry, a US-based company focused on helping end sex trafficking.

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"As part of the scheme, they would isolate their victims by flying them out to a shooting location. When girls would find out it was a porn shoot and then indicate that they didn't want to be in the videos, Garcia and his co-conspirators, Michael James Pratt and Matthew Isaac Wolfe, would use a range of coercive tactics, including threatening to sue them and cancel their flights home."

To make matters worse, after they finished shooting, Garcia's team would send the videos to each girls family. 

"As the survivor shared at one of our Pornhub protests 'it was a struggle for me... to not want to die.'"

The adult film company has been accused of child sex trafficking. In March of 2021, 70 Members of Parliament, as well as Senators, signed a letter to RCMP calling for a full investigation into MindGeek/Pornhub and the online exploitation of women and children. There are yet to be any charges made in Canada.

Garcia worked the fugitive co-owner Michael James Pratt, and the FBI are offering $50,000 for information on his whereabouts. 

"While we celebrate this victory, there's still more justice to come in this case," says Exodus Cry on their Instagram.

During the trial, Garcia pleaded guilty and gave an apology in which he called the porn industry an "evil business."