Chris YellowQuill and other members of Long Plain First Nation were grateful this Thanksgiving weekend for God's providence.

YellowQuill has been in the Hilton Garden Inn & Suites in Winnipeg since Saturday night.

The Colorado Low that storm-stayed many travellers and damaged a lot of property in southern Manitoba great affected Long Plain First Nation.

Once Highway 1, between Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg, was open the residents of Long Plain First Nation were evacuated to hotels throughout Winnipeg with very little warning.

"There are families that don't have proper clothing right now," says YellowQuill.

"I, myself, only have one set of clothes and that was the clothes on my back."

Grant Memorial Church reached out to those at Long Plain and provided $350 to be used for laundry facilities.

YellowQuill says, "Not a lot of these people have vehicles to go to Walmart to get laundry soap, kids socks or clothing, so we are calling upon the name of the Lord to help."

He also says it is not only the "tribal nations" that need prayer for their current situation and for their property at home.

YellowQuil is calling for the Church to pray for the residents of Portage la Prairie without power, the Hutterite colonies in the surrounding area, and all those helping restore what has been damaged by the storm.

Despite the difficult situation, YellowQuill praises God: "I really want to thank the Lord for giving us safe refuge.

"For moving by His Holy Spirit to comfort us and delivering us from danger."