A Winnipeg mother and father are hoping that somebody might come forward with information about an assault that has left their son with life-altering injuries and lying in a bed for most of the day.

The Winnipeg Police Service says that on August 8, 2020, 25-year-old Gagandeep was assaulted at a gathering near Keewatin & Burrows. "The assault left him with life-threatening injuries that have permanently affected his ability to speak and walk," the WPS says in a video posted to their social media.

"Our son has turned 25-years-old," Gagandeep's father says in the video. "After one mishap, everything in his life has changed. He has become totally dependent."

The young man's parents say they are left to care for him, helping him sit up and go to the washroom. The father has left his job for the last six months to help care for his son. He says that it was the first time his son went to a party when the assault took place.

The WPS says that despite an "extensive investigation" they are still not able to identify the suspect responsible for the assault.

"First of all, we request of all the community that if someone knows even the smallest information, please tell. That can help us a lot," the father pleas. "For the sake of humanity. Someone has seen it to which I am 100 per cent sure. It is important to tell or come forward for the sake of humanity. It has happened to us today, it could happen to anyone tomorrow."

"We join his family in making this public plea to the community in the hopes that someone can help us, help Gagandeep’s family find some closure and understanding of what has happened by providing any information you might have in this matter," the WPS says in the online post.

To speak with a Punjabi officer call 204-619-3738.

To leave an anonymous tip call 204-786-8477 or visit Winnipeg Crimestopppers: https://www.winnipegcrimestoppers.org/

Even the smallest piece of information could help, the WPS says.