Motorists driving through Deacon's Corner this week can anticipate delays.

Larry Halayko is Executive Director of Construction and Maintenance with Manitoba Infrastructure. He says this is still the result of last week's collision involving two semi transport trucks. RCMP report one of the trucks was hauling two trailers carrying 56,000 litres of gasoline and one of them ruptured, spilling a large amount of fuel.

Halayko explains crews will be cleaning up any residual fuel in the area, which involves vacuuming any loose fuel. It will then be brought to a proper remediation site for disposal. Halayko says they will test the soil and depending on the results, may need to do additional cleanup.

Meanwhile, he notes the work should be completed by later this week or early next week. Halayko says they will do what they can to keep traffic wait times to a minimum.

"We are going to make some adjustments to reduce that amount of time in the morning to try to allow for some better free flow conditions," explains Halayko.

He says the fact this happened on the coldest week of the year certainly reduces the threat of significant penetration of fuel into the soil.

Police say there were no injuries in the collision.