Michael W. Smith's 1990 hit single 'Place in This World' is having new life breathed into it by for King & Country.

"You've been a trailblazer, an inspiration to so many artists including Luke and me," says Joel Smallbone in a Facebook Live interview with Smith. "The way that you not only led creativity but the way that you continue to partner with your wife and raise a great family is really quite captivating."

The lead singers and brothers of for King & Country, Joel and Luke Smallbone, are releasing a movie called Unsung Hero. The film is all about the Smallbone family and how Australian parents with six kids made the courageous move to America to pursue their God-filled dream. This reimagined single with Smith is the first release from the movie's soundtrack. 

"To release this tribute track to that era, to the song itself and have you on it, it's pretty captivating," says Joel. "Publicly we'd like to say thank you."

"You've taken this song that was written in 1990, was on the Go West Young Man record, and ended up being a pop hit, which I was so grateful for," says Smith. "To be able to take that song and make it yours, almost feels like you guys wrote it. It feels very current and I love it. Thanks for having me."

Joel not only directs Unsung Hero but is also starring as his father in the film. 

"For centuries people have been trying to find their place in this world," says Luke. "One of the reasons we wanted to do it today is that there is an epidemic of people not finding their place in this world. The lyric actually might be more potent today than ever almost in the history of the world." 

Unsung Hero will hit theatres on April 26, 2024.