Actor and comedian Russell Brand says getting baptized over the weekend was, "an incredible and profound experience."

After making the official announcement on April 26, the St Trinian's actor took to Instagram to share an update with his followers on how baptism changed everything for him.

"As a person who has in the past, taken many many substances and has always been disappointed with their ability to deliver the type of tranquility and peace that I felt I've always been looking for. Something occurred in the process of baptism that was incredible and overwhelming," Brand said on social media. 


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Brand shared that he hopes this will inspire his family to do the same. "I've made the decision and I know what the best decision is. I've made it for myself and I pray that it will be relevant to my family, to my children, to my wife who's Catholic."

Fans took to the comments to share the excitement following Brand's big day. Christian artist, Brandon Lake, said, "So proud of you, which can feel like a weird thing to say without a relationship but regardless so so proud. Beautiful. What I'd give for a hang. You’re brilliant mate. Blessings." 

While he says he's "still learning and will make mistakes, I already feel incredibly blessed, relieved, nourished, and held. It's been an incredible experience."