A former member of Rend Collective is preparing to release a children's book.

Ali Gilkeson says she hopes the book, inspired by Rend Collectives' platinum-selling song 'My Lighthouse,' will encourage and remind children they are not alone.

"My Lighthouse is a story about a boy named Fynn who hates his house, and so he sets off on an adventure," said Gilkeson. "He quickly gets lost, and he feels alone in the dark. And when it feels like all hope is lost, he realizes that it's his house, his lighthouse, that not only leads him safe to shore but everyone around him. He realizes that his house is special."


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Gilkeson says she wanted to create something that everyone could relate to. 

I wanted to write a story that everyone would enjoy. That everyone could connect to and would bring everyone closer together," said Ali. "I wanted to write a story for every human being who has ever felt lost or alone, to remind them that there's a constant light that is trying to guide them home."

My Lighthouse is set to hit shelves on Tuesday, June 18, 2024.