Grammy-nominated Winnipeg artist Fresh IE is thrilled to release his new album this week. 

Robert Wilson, whom many know by his stage name Fresh IE, is releasing his album, The Wind & the Waves, on Friday. 

"It was supposed to come out April 22 but it got pushed because of production and post-production," says Wilson. "The new album, The Wind & the Waves is dropping on May 20. We're pretty excited over here."

There are 14 songs on the album, including the single and title track, 'The Wind & the Waves.'

"The whole album is themed around the experience of, you know, if God calls us to get into the boat and we're going to get to the other side, there's always these storms. Things that try to take our focus away from where God is calling us to. It's themed around making it through storms and hardships, and remembering God's promises, no matter how much failure, doubt, or loss we've had."

Wilson hopes listeners find hope and encouragement in the new music. 

"I know there's some of us that, even though the pandemic has slowed down a lot and we're getting back to normal, there's some that are low on energy. I hope this album will lift up their spirits and encourage them that there's so much great things ahead."

Events that Unify

"When I first started doing Christian music and ministry, it was always focused on building up the community, the inner city, and the young people. Keeping an ear and a heart for our city, because if you want to know if God is moving, look to the core."

That's what Wilson is getting back to, including an upcoming event on Saturday, May 19, at 771 Sargent Ave. He'll be performing at the Asante Street Festival, a free event for the whole community. It will include music, a bake sale, 3-on-3 basketball games, and kids' activities from 2:00 p.m. until 9. 

"It's awesome to be able to be a part of something like this, out on the streets and the whole community will be able to hear out in the West End."

To incorporate his album release with a big event, Wilson is a part of a Canada Day celebration at the Goldeye's stadium happening July 1-3.