A group of volunteers have sore feet and backs but say it was worth it seeing the joy on the faces of residents in a Manitoba care home.

Rachelle Chwaluk along with her husband, kids, and their friends put up Christmas trees complete with decorations and lights outside of each of the resident's windows to bring them some cheer this season. 

"The response that I have gotten has been insane. People are so tired of seeing the negative stuff on the news that it's a story that brought tears to people's eyes. It's been awesome for me to share with my kids," says Chwaluk.

With an idea planted, the family went out and got Christmas trees for the residents. Things came together quite quickly after that.

"My husband started out the morning, he left home with 31 Christmas trees loaded in our enclosed trailer and drove them to the care home in Rossburn."

Rossburn, Manitoba is approximately 260 km northwest of Winnipeg.

A team of people including Chwaluk's husband and friends of theirs showed up with a loader and bucket full of gravel to stake these trees into the grounds. 

Volunteers bringing cheer to residents at the care home in Rossburn. (Supplied)

"They all managed to get these trees up out of the trailer, out of the pails and up outside each resident's window for them to see."

After lunch, that same day Chwaluk and four women decorated each tree outside with lights and garland. 

"My kids showed up and pasted all the pictures they had painted with their toes and put those in the windows," she says, making it a family affair.

Not all the trees were lit last night due to a lack of extension cords, but today the last five have power and lights on. 

The trees lit up at night outside the care home in Rossburn. The trees lit up at night outside the care home in Rossburn. (Supplied)

"I was on Facebook last Monday. Someone somewhere had done something similar and it made me think that I wanted this to happen to the seniors here."

Within four days of planning and asking people for help, everything was prepared and ready to go. 

"All the decorations, lights, cords, and garland was donated within two to three days of me having this idea. It was an idea that went viral very fast."

Chwaluk is one of the staff at the care home so she got to see the resident's reactions.

"I went to a few rooms and witnessed the residents from the inside. A few of them were sitting on their walkers watching out the window. There were a lot of smiling faces."

For the people involved, there wasn't a dry eye in the bunch. 

"I did this because I've seen how upset, sad, and lonely these people have been. That's truly what it was about, bringing a smile to their face."

Chwaluk is considering making this an annual tradition.