Marie Joy is spreading just that, the joy this Christmas season with her new EP. 

Joy's Christmas EP was released on December 12, 2020, includes three songs, and it's simply called Christmas Vol. 1. She sings her own versions of 'Silent Night', 'Mary Did You Know', and 'We Three Kings'.

"I'm hoping to release every year and record more," she says.

This past summer Joy released an EP called Let Go with four originals.

"It's about an experience I had, it's very personal, very raw," says Joy. "If people can hear it and relate or gives them joy and happiness, that's my dream."

Collaborating with other artists is something Joy has always wanted in her life, and in this season of life she has been able to work with others musically. 

"When I'm writing a song, most of the time I'll be driving in my car and I get inspiration. It's like God gives me inspiration through people or nature or even someone else's creativity."

Joy records all her music in her house in a home studio. 

"My husband is into the audio world so he does the mixing and masters all the tracks," she says.

The two of them met at Springs Church as they are both drummers. The couple play during worship at church as well, where Joy sings and plays her guitar. 

Growing up, music was an important part of her life. 

"I was born in Germany and my family immigrated to Canada when I was two. Growing up, my parents always had instruments around for us to experiment on."

Joy also had piano and guitar lessons when she was younger, which contributed to her ease on the guitar with all her music today. 

"For my own music, I work on it when I have time, which is just weekends or evenings."

Christmas during the pandemic will be quieter than usual for Joy and her husband in Winnipeg, where they bought their first home this year. It also means a time of reflection.

"I think this year we're forced to focus on what's really important, which is the birth of Christ," says Joy.