The God's Family Church is hosting an outreach celebration in hopes to find leaders that want to join them in bringing His ministry to Winnipeg's northwest area.

Victor and Ronke Taiwo are two pastors that originally worked in Nigeria, but felt compelled by the Lord to bring their ministry to Winnipeg. That is when God's Family Church was started.

First, they started meeting in their living room, then community centres in Winnipeg and have finally settled into the Westwood Community Church and hope to eventually find their own space to meet.

"I believe that [the northwest] area needs God because when God moves, He moves based on the request and the desires of people's hearts," says Ronke Taiwo. "It reminds me of the story of Paul in the Bible, you had a dream and he saw the people of Macedonia calling for help, that we need you here. So, I think most of the time when God speaks, God wants to be specific with sending you to where it's needed. So, why the northwest? I believe because the northwest needs this."

The pastoring couple believes that God is at work in Winnipeg and they want to connect with people to help God in His work. To do that they also need help from the community and that is the reason they are hosting a Start-up Party on January 28 at 12:00 p.m., at the Westwood Community Church.

"Our message is love. We want to bring hope, we want to bring freedom. We want to connect with people that want to promote loved ones to make a difference, and we just want to hang out with them, to connect with each other and see how we can help each other to fulfill God's purpose," says lead pastor Victor.

The Start-up party will include lunch, deep conversations about God's calling and ways to help the northwest community receive the word of God. They want to gather team members to help them in their mission.

Start-up party poster (provided)