Ryan Koher has spent over two months in a prison in Mozambique after delivering a routine supply of necessities to orphans. 

Koher works for Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF). Koher and his wife Annabel have been working as missionaries for MAF since 2019. In December 2021 they moved to Mozambique with their two young sons. 

"On November 4, 2022, Ryan was on a scheduled flight to the southern part of Mozambique to pick up supplies that would ultimately be delivered in the north," says Annabel in an update video released to MAF. "Two South African men who are connected with the orphanage brought the supplies to the airport."

What happened next shocked Ryan and the other men. 

"As they were going through normal airport security, an officer became suspicious of the vitamins, over-the-counter medicine, and food preservatives. This resulted in the detainment of both men, as well as Ryan."

Annabel goes on to share that it's been over two months and all three are still in prison with accusations of insurgence, but without any formal charges laid. 

Annabel Koher and her sons in a video update about Ryan. Annabel Koher and her sons in a video update about Ryan. (Provided by MAF)

"Every prayer and note is an encouragement to me as I see the global body of Christ come together at the feet of Jesus, in many nations and tongues."

Ryan was able to write a letter and send it from prison. In it, he shared his thoughts on the mental battle he faces daily. 

"'There is a struggle between flesh and spirit in this trying time.' He says [in the letter], 'So the spirit and flesh are always at war, forcing me again and again to the feet of Jesus, where I find my strength so the outworking of my faith is confidence of mind.'"

Annabel and the boys moved back to the U.S.A as they wait for progress in Ryan's case. 

"Overall, we are finding comfort in God's sovereignty. He has given us an unexplainable peace in His will at this time. Just as we can see in many of David's Psalms, our tears, crying out for help, are mingled with the praises of God's glory and goodness."

The US Embassy is advocating for Ryan’s release.

"We ask that you join us in fasting and praying for Ryan's release and the spread of the gospel."