A cheery song released by a local singing coach is a great reminder that going to the dentist doesn't have to be scary. 

'God Loves to Go to the Dentist with Me' is the title of Heidi Korte's latest kids song. 

"This song was actually written for an adult who has severe dental anxiety," says Korte. "I was on the phone with this individual last month and they were struggling with anxiety a week before a simple cleaning, and I started singing to them. Even to help them realize that God doesn't leave us when we're at the dentist."

Korte believes that faith can help people overcome their fear, including the fear of going to the dentist. 

"Because God isn't afraid of the dentist, we don't have to be either. He likes going to the dentist with us because He likes being with us," she says.

Fearing the dentist isn't just a childhood phobia, as Korte once feared the dentist all the way into adulthood. 

"I really wanted to involve Shine Dental because in my teens and 20s I had fairly large dental anxiety myself. So much so that when I moved to Winnipeg I actually didn't go to the same dentist twice. I finally came to Shine Dental, they are lovely people, and they are actually my regular dentist now. They changed the game for me."

Korte invited another local company to help her out with the tune and video. 

"I thought, why not have a little puppet and kind of go old school. Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP) graciously let me go through their puppet bin."

She hopes the song will help kids and adults alike who are afraid to get into the chair at a dental office. 

"I had a parent yesterday who saw the video for the first time and her five-year-old son has a fear of the dentist so I was already so happy to hear that she was going to play my song for him before his dentist work."