Hearing the name Winans is a familiar sound to gospel music fans. It includes CeCe Winans, the best-selling and most-awarded female gospel artist of all time. 

Music has been in her family for multiple years and soon, fans will get a more in-depth look at the journey of the family.

More than five generations and 200 years, The Winans Families new seven-part film series is in the works. 

5-0 Studios London goes back centuries, tracing the families roots.

"The story starts in North Carolina - year 1805, moving to Gloster, Mississippi - later Detroit, Michigan.. A dramatisation of the Winans family ancestors Louis and Ruby Winans; enslavement to their descendants liberation, sharecroppers owner was a Reverend. Louis and Ruby worked toward a representation of the historical legacy; a show of work and faith of miracles that caused their blessed journey of 13 children," according to a press release.

It continued to say, "The series moves with solemn dignity, developing an image and impression of a spiritually devout, benevolent man. Louis Winans, who was given his surname of Winans from his sharecropper owner Reverend Winans; the film's first generation in the story - Thankful. The seven part series Thankful is the emotional stakes of its actors as they embody the nature of the storylines and cinematography; allowing the deep emotions of the moment."

Keeping true to theme, the film's soundtrack is being carefully crafted. It features artists from around the globe. "America England, Jamaica, Holland, Canada, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Australia, Bahamas, France, Italy, Brazil, India, Barbados and more. The TOP music talents from the listed  countries are exceptionally excited about the collaborations," a press release shared.