A large grin will be on McCauley Armishaw's face when he graduates from Faith Academy this week.

Faith Academy will be holding a drive-in graduation ceremony for its students. Armishaw will be giving a speech to his fellow classmates.

While this was not the graduating year Armishaw expected, he is grateful for the year he had.

"The best opportunities were just being able to come to school. I feel like this year people have realized that has kind of been taken for granted."

Armishaw says chapel sessions were a great experience.

"We've been able to have chapel in the lunchroom just to be together, to have a better time for worship, and just learning about important messages in Scripture."


What's next

Armishaw will be studying to be a dental hygenist in the fall.

"As a child, I thought about being a dentist but I decided the path wouldn't be in my best interest, so I turned to pursue dental hygiene as the next best thing, especially since it is a similar field but just a little bit different and more focussed. Serving people for the benefit of their health has always just been something that I've wanted to do."

He says while this is his current goal, he has been inspired by the staff at Faith Academy and says he has also been thinking about a career in education.


This is part of an interview series of 2021 high school graduates in Manitoba.