After numerous concerned messages regarding life-threatening social media comments, police have placed a man in custody.

On Monday, a business owner allegedly used his gym's Instagram account to write "the only good feminist is a dead feminist" while sharing a sexist text image and continued threats on the lives of others.

In a second post, the suspect wrote that "this was going to be fun" when police arrived, continuing his threats to hurt people on his "list." The suspect has previously made controversial statements and name-called people who have stood up against domestic violence.

Officers were made aware of the situation and arrived at the business.

"The posts expressed contempt for women derided as 'feminists' and towards Winnipeg Police members,' the WPS says in a statement.

The Winnipeg Police Service says along with numerous reports from concerned citizens, the suspect posted an online threat to kill someone who responded to his posts with disdain.

The 39-year-old is being charged with three counts of Utter Threats to Kill or Cause Bodily Harm. He is in custody.

Major Crimes is investigating.