While refugees walk across the border seeking asylum in Canada, ministries like Love-N-Care are doing everything they can to make them feel welcome.

Love-N-Care Ministries is a discipleship multiplication movement among all immigrant groups coming to Canada. The ministry seeks to spread the love of God to newcomers, while providing them with the furniture and household goods they need to start a new life. Love-N-Care also provides subsidized housing for six months as newcomers look for employment.

"The Great Commission says go into the world and make disciples of all nations," said Allan Hiller from Love-N-Care Ministries Canada. "It also says love your neighbor as yourself."

Loving those who are entering a new country is easy for Hiller. Once he finished school, he was off on missions in a foreign country. Learning a new language and trying to fit in there was hard, Hiller said. He understands how people feel coming to Canada, where the language and culture is completely different.

"The world is coming to us, how can we reach out to them?" Hiller's goal is to reach out to them with the love of God, while providing the stuff the need to start their life in Canada. Hiller has met and worked with some of the refugees who have very recently crossed the border.

Joining this ministry is Solomon Tekle Temesgen. Arriving with his wife and four children in August 2016, they were forced to flee Eritrea because of persecution, including being jailed for their faith. He went to Sudan, where he began and led a church while directing a refugee center. His passion is to reach the lost from the Eritrean, Ethiopian and Arabic communities.

"We decided to serve the ministry together," Temesgen said of Hiller and himself.

Hiller's hope is to see this ministry continue to expand so they can serve more people and reach more newcomers with the word of God. You can help by making a donation to The Great Commission Foundation, and designating your donation to #461 Love-N-Care Ministries.