For many the long weekend is a time for rest, but for several others that's not the case.

Around six years ago, Pastor Rachel Twigg Boyce of Houseblend Ministries discovered just how difficult a holiday can be for the city's less fortunate.

While volunteering at Agape Table, Twigg Boyce was asked by a man to sit down and chat. The man asked her what she thought of Louis Riel Day. She responded, saying she thought it was fitting to honour a man like Riel.

She was surprised with how he responded...

Twigg Boyce says that conversation stuck with her throughout the year.

She eventually came up with the idea to host a special day at Agape Table for those without a place to go. It's been an annual event since then.

She explains what this years Louis Riel Day will look like.

Pastor Twigg Boyce says they continue to look for prayer that things go smoothly. They are also looking for monetary donations to help pay for the event.

To help out visit or email Rachel at