A runner known for going the extra mile for charities, including Siloam Mission, says it is an honour to be recognized.

Junel Malapad is one of the people being recognized for their work as part of Manitoba150's delayed celebrations with and Honour150 award. 

"Seeing myself amongst 150 amazing individuals from Manitoba, well it is really wonderful, I am beside myself."

Using his love of running to draw awareness and support for charities he cares about, so far Malapad has risen what he guesses is close to $250,000.

Running for 100 kilometres on what he now dubs Running Day on December 26, the 50-year-old Winnipegger celebrated his birthday in 2020 by running for different charities, ending the year with his signature run at the Forks for Siloam Mission. In the past year alone, the ultramarathon runner has raised $40,000.

"I just wanted to spotlight the organizations that I was running for and I am just always grateful that I could support in any way that I can."

Honoured to be given the award, Malapad says Honour150 was in the works for over a year.

"One of my friends, she wanted to nominate me for Manitoba150 and the organization I guess wanted to keep it quiet for a little while but it never really set in."

Malapad says since the announcement was made public, he is having a hard time describing his appreciation. 

He is encouraging people who are considering volunteering or raising funds to take the plunge.

"Follow your heart. Reach out to those organizations that you really respect and feel grateful that they are doing something for the community.

Malapad says he has found organizations are more than happy to help and support potential fundraisers. 

In the summer, he will be running for Taking Stigma to the Trash in support of mental health awareness.