Adoption was something that Jennifer Phillips and her husband had always talked about, but it was quite some time before they actually took the steps to make it happen.

After graduating from college, Phillips worked at a Christian crisis pregnancy centre. She says it was there she got to see adoption from the birth mother's side and her passion and heart for adoption grew from there. 

"I also spent a summer in China, so I had a burden for China and the situation with the one-child policy and babies that are abandoned because of it, especially baby girls," Phillips explains.

But Phillips and her husband started a family and that put their plans to adopt on hold. 

In this time, they also made the decision to move from the United States to Brisbane, Australia, where Phillip's husband served with University Impact, a franchise of Campus Outreach.

The thought of adoption once again fell hard on their hearts and they decided to move on it.  

"We adopted Lucy from China when she was 15 months old. We were thinking we'd adopt an older child, but God confirmed that she was our daughter."

It was supposed to be a time in her family's life that was special and one that would make them all bond, but instead, it left Jennifer separated from her family for almost three months with her brand new adopted baby girl.

Today on Connections, Jennifer Phillips shares her personal adoption journey. She also shares how her faith and trust in God helped her get through this very difficult, yet rewarding process.