Since the day that Canadian artist, Brother Blooms was born, music has always been a part of his life. Now he uses it to point others to God. 

Whether it was the music on the radio or what his mom would sing to him or the songs that his brother would write, music was a constant. "My mom used to sing to me all the time when I was a baby to put me to sleep and it kind of just grew on me over the years. My older brother was a songwriter and that really intrigued me," he says.

Brother Blooms got his own start in songwriting with his brother's indirect help. "I found his notebook and I just read his music and saw how he wrote his songs and how he did the structure and it kind of just grew on me," he says.

Mixing his musical talent along with his love for God has been an important step for him. "I'm going through this gigantic transition in my life of moving with faith now instead of fear because I was making music, but I wasn't making the music I'm making now."

While he says he never was a negative music maker, adding his faith into the lyrics is more the route that he wants to go. "I was never much of a negative music maker, but looking back at it, it still had negative content and the message I was delivering definitely wasn't the message I'm trying to now, that Yahweh is the way that worked for me and this is how."

While there have been some exciting opportunities come up recently, including performing with Fresh IE,and at the Gospel Music Awards, it wasn't always a smooth ride for him. "I found myself in jail and my daughter and I were having a visit and she put her hand up to the glass and I put my hand up to the glass. And that one little tiny space in between our hands broke my heart. And I never want to have that little space in between us ever again."

Now Brother Blooms encourages others in their faith. Talking about the song 'Purpose', "With the way that I've been going through this transition, it feels like I have a new purpose every day. Today, I may be a person to be a listener, while tomorrow I may have to be a speaker. I have a new purpose every day and that's kind of where I got the idea for that song."

You can listen to 'Purpose' below.