Anne Wilson's song 'My Jesus' was the catalyst that made a woman reconsider taking her own life. 

The Christian hit single was released back on April 16, 2021. Wilson was a teenager when she lost her brother in a tragic accident. It was this loss, grief, and faith that inspired Wilson to write 'My Jesus.'

Because of the song, Wilson became the first female solo artist to top the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. The song stayed in the No. 1 spot for seven weeks.

Recently at a concert, an attendee came up to Wilson and shared her powerful testimony. 

"There is a lady that came up to me at the show the other week, she was struggling with cancer and lost all her hair. ... She said she was ready to commit suicide and end her life," Wilson said during an interview. "But she was in the car, and she heard 'My Jesus' come on the radio, and she decided to give her life to Jesus and let go of those thoughts."

Wilson shared her gratitude to know her music has a small part in helping people see God's life-changing love. 

"Now she's living free in Jesus – still fighting cancer, but knows that she has a purpose and a reason for being here."

Wilson is releasing her first book on October 25 detailing her story. It's called My Jesus: From Heartache to Hope.

"There's so much power in music, especially music that glorifies Jesus. And so just thinking back on when I wrote that song, and then to now see how many lives it's impacted, it's an honor, and I'm so grateful."