Ryan Rempel from Give the Word stopped by the studio yesterday to share an incredible story of God working in unexpected ways.

"We donate about 50,000 Bibles a year and sometimes it's the smaller project that get us excited," Rempel said.

Danny MacKay from I Am Second and Rempel were discussing the possibility of sending a team to Munich, Germany to minister to the Syrian refugees there. Nothing was set in stone, just a discussion.

"I went to the post office to go pick up the mail," Rempel recalls. "In our mail, there was a letter from Munich, Germany."

Rempel pointed out that they have never gotten a letter from outside of Canada before, which made the experience even crazier.

The letter, Rempel says, was from a Syrian refugee in Munich. "He said me and ten of my friends have just accepted the Lord and we stumbled across your website online and was any chance that you could send us a Bible."

The man in the letter said they didn't have a Bible and wanted to be able to minister to other Syrian refugees in their camp.

"God has such a sense of humor putting stuff together," Rempel laughed. "How amazing is it that it went from a conversation to a reality in just a couple of minutes?"

Rempel sent the Bibles out to Munich as soon as he could. They connected with MacKay and an I Am Second team from the area to help find this man in the letter. Rempel doesn't know whether the man received them, but is trusting God that he did.

Give the Word shares incredible stories like this on their website.