A four-year-old boy from Alabama is alive and well after spending three cold days alone in the woods.  

Phenix Wilkerson, who is autistic and non-verbal, went missing on Friday, Jan. 12. Local police, friends, family and even strangers quickly joined in the search for the missing boy.

“I would not be truthful if I told you that me and many others were probably thinking and looking for another result, but thank God it didn’t happen, and I’m glad we got the result that we do have,” said Barbour County Sheriff Tyrone Smith to WTVM 9.

Barbour County Sheriff Tyrone Smith says Phenix was found safe and sound on Sunday afternoon by Markeith Williams, a total stranger who had joined in on the search.  Williams said his wife was determined to go and search for the boy. 

“I told her I was going to church," said Smith to al.com

That Sunday, he woke up and felt God calling him to go out and search for Phenix.

"I had my auntie, she’s an evangelist, pray for me before we left because I said it wasn’t going to work if she didn’t,” said Williams. " 

About two miles into the search, the couple found the boy laying in a pile of leaves.

"I am praising God because this is his miracle that he brought this baby home. He’s had so many prayers, thank you, everybody, you for all the prayers and everyone that’s been here to search; this baby is okay,” said Phenix's grandmother, Sandra Yoemans, to WTVM 9.

Phenix was transported to hospital. His mother said on Sunday that overall, he is doing okay.

"I am so thankful for every single person that came out and helped search for my baby. I wish I could hug every one of y'all and all of the law enforcement people too. Thank y'all for everything but most of all I thank God for keeping him safe and bringing him home. God is good and he listens."

Markeith says he is thankful that he was able to be a part of something so special.  

“I was doing that because God sent me to do that.”