Little did Dylan Chambers know that the church a block away from where he grew up, would one day be where he shares the Gospel.

Pastor Dylan Chambers has been in ministry since 2018 and now serves as the assistant pastor and youth pastor at Believers Church. 

While Chambers was exposed to church at a young age, he admits, "I was in church but not in Christ. I was in Sunday school and came to church with my mother, but never actually had that encounter."

As Chambers started smoking weed at a young age, he says he quickly hit rock bottom. "Crystel meth and I found myself shooting up and injecting meth. I think anybody who has had an experience with God or been around the church or been exposed to some sort of faith background knows when they're not living right."

What started as walking into the Sunday night service, something that he used to make fun of others for, he recalls a moment during worship when the Holy Spirit was convicting him. "I knew that I was living wrong. Sermons that I might have heard before or heard my mom talk about the Lord, it kind of like made sense in that moment."

"I started crying, and was very convicted. I went up to the altar for prayer and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit and I started speaking in tongues. I really felt that prompting, that desire to change, that I was living wrong, that I needed a change in my life, and that was my initial encounter. I accepted," he says. 

Not only did Chambers remain committed to changing his ways and coming to church, but he did a complete 180 thanks to the work of Jesus in his life.

Within two years, Chambers entered into a ministry mentorship program with Believers Church's senior pastor, Wayne Bustard. Another two years later and he became an ordained minister of the Gospel.

Now Chambers is the youth and assistant pastor for the same church where he encountered Jesus in such a powerful way.