Music was always the dream for Matt LeFait, and years later, he's living the dream with a new single out today.

Growing up, LeFait would sing at different churches in the area with his two sisters. "For some reason, they were like the LeFait children are here. 'Would you come sing a special for us?' And we'd be like, 'Yes, for sure.' So I grew up even when I was five years old doing that."

The New Brunswick native wrote his first song when he was six years old. "It wasn't good, but I always had the itch for it and the older I got, the more passionate I became. It was just like a tunnel vision it's a God-given passion, I will say."

'Out of the Flames' has been in the works for a while and LeFait says that the song is about the valley moments in life. "It's encouraging listeners to be okay with being in the valleys and in the fire because it's going to strengthen you. And when you get through the other side, you'll look back and see that you weren't alone."

While LeFait knows that ups and downs are a part of life, "We serve a God that's perfect. I like to see my songwriting as preaching through music. I try to write from a deeper place." 


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'Out of the Flames' features award-winning Canadian Christian hip-hop artist, One8Tea again. "We met doing shows together when I was in Reconcile and we've talked about collaborating a lot. I've done two songs with him on his projects and he's never been on mine. So it's been about ten years since we've known each other," he says. "He's a super talented writer and performer and musician and a great friend and a great man of God too."